The theory started after people noticed the expensive prices and the unusual fact that items had different names written on the item descriptions of Wayfair

Wayfair missing childs USA canada
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Wayfair, an American e-commerce corporation that sells furniture, started trending on social media on Friday morning, July 10, after thousands of humans took to Twitter to indulge in a conspiracy


The theory commenced after humans seen that the organization was once charging exorbitant costs for gadgets like storage cabinets and throw pillows, and even though all of the gadgets seemed the same they had distinct names written on the object descriptions.

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Some social media customers trust that the furnishings and home-goods enterprise is promoting “missing children” via their high priced cabinets and throw pillows costing almost $10,000 to $12,000 and $9,000.

Multiple Twitter customers posted photos of the website’s steeply-priced cabinets, which customers declare are listed alongside people’s names, They claimed that though the cabinets or the “large boxes” appeared like the equal product, they all had special names, in general of girls, and mainly of missing children.

One consumer wrote: “So all the names pull up missing girls I searched Neriah and she is missing since 2010 YARITZA is additionally a lacking female.”

Another person wrote: “People are suspecting that they’re promoting humans in these massive boxes/storage cupboards on Wayfair, They all are identical products however have exclusive names, all-female names. And they are priced $10k-15k extra than the cabinets offered elsewhere.

Wayfair accused of child trafficking?

There had been many who claimed that after human beings speaking about the Wayfair listings of the suspicious cabinets, the specific listing disappeared. While others recommended that involved humans could still Google search these pictures from the website.

People don’t trust me however now it’s not coming up on the internet site however you can still find it on google,” one user, in her lengthy thread of tweets

What I’m no longer appreciation is how did the human beings going for walks Wayfair not question the fact that humans are selling cabinets with precise Girls names for over $10k?

One person on the identical Twitter thread suggested that a case had been opened into the claims: ” Somebody posted about this on Reddit and their account obtained reported. “

Another person talked to Wayfair for an explanation about costs/specs and they may want to no longer give an answer. They are known as the trafficking hotline and they are reportedly opening a case.

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There had been others who pointed Wayfair’s history of promoting furniture to migrant detention services — where hundreds of immigrant teenagers were housed — and how the company’s employees closing 12 months had staged a walkout to protest the firm’s decision.

Another persons talked:

So let’s get one aspect straight earlier than jumping the gun. “

Let me additionally shut off by using asking a question. If baby trafficking was happening all beneath #WayFair’s nose, how come the former Wayfair employees (turned protestors), did no longer say something about it?

Several users, which include Redditors, suggested that when they searched the SKU codes of the suspected gadgets on the Russian search engine Yandex, the search consequences produced pictures of little girls.

However, if a individual makes use of any combination of numbers preceded by “src USA,” the consequences would be similar.

The claims made by way of social media use have yet to be introduced with proof outside screenshots of the company’s luxurious gadgets with human names.

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Source: Reddit / Twitter

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  1. The reason for the deletion will blow your mind.

    “Recognizing that the photos and descriptions provided by the supplier did not adequately explain the high price point, we have temporarily removed the products from site to rename them and to provide a more in-depth description and photos that accurately depict the product to clarify the price point.”

    As if the images we see on a website are physical, tangible items that need to be removed to update instead of just updating the descriptions. It’s insanity.

  2. An associate of mine discovered some items being sold on Wayfair a couple days ago and reached out to me asking if they seemed suspicious…

    The items we initially found were white cabinets being sold anywhere between $10k – $18k USD. Each cabinet was identical, yet somehow had different prices and discounts.

    Now, if that is not odd enough, each cabinet had a girl’s name and number between 4 and 12 next to it… Every name we looked up was a child that recently went missing..

    Later we discovered different black cabinets with the same name/number sequence that were being sold between $9k – $10k. I suggested we report this to the FBI and they opened an investigation… Unfortunately, my friend called Wayfair asking about those cabinets yesterday and by the evening the items were gone…

    Yesterday morning, someone on Reddit discovered pillows that were selling for $10,000 on Wayfair. These identical pillows can be purchased through Amazon for $32.

    Here’s the thing. Wayfair is scrambling right now. Initially they said it is a conspiracy revolving around a “price glitch” of their specific white cabinet. Wayfair essentially called everyone on this subreddit directly idiots making something out of nothing…

    A price glitch that affected only 1 product?? A glitch that duplicates the same product multiple times, assigns different prices between $9k – $18k and gives them all missing female children’s names and ages????

    Wayfair then redacted their statement and said “the prices are accurate” as these items are “industrial grade” and that they “removed them to rename them.” Uh-huh/

    Let’s say you buy that for even a fraction of a second.. okay… why are their $32 pillows showing up as $10,000? Why are there multiple of the same pillow listed at different high prices with little girl names and ages??? Are those special industrial pillows?

    We stumbled upon a child sex trafficking front on Wayfair and now Wayfair is scrambling. Those kids have likely been moved far-far away, but hopefully the FBI can figure out what is going on, seize all their assets, and find the pieces of shit at the bottom of this….

    This isn’t a “glitch”. Glitches don’t duplicate the same product a dozen times, assign girl names and ages, and then disappear when people start to ask questions…

    I have screenshots of all their white cabinets, black cabinets, and pillows.. The FBI has them now and hopefully are doing something to stop Wayfair. I doubt the corporation is involved, but SOMEONE with access to their sale site is. I just hope the idiot can’t somehow delete the system logs or get too far.

  3. That’s what I was wondering. How the company would know if they actually wanted a human instead of just a really overpriced cabinet. Personally I think you have something here.

  4. Friendly reminder to be careful with what terms you search on the internet, I would not be surprised if you get put on a list somewhere for accessing these type of searches.

    Be safe and dont diddle kids.

    • Agree. But it’s also very eye opening for me as a parent. I removed my social media a while back to give my kids privacy. And you hear about sites like this but man this eye opening. Think every parent should see it and wake up!

  5. one quick way to figure this out…who has 15k to spend on something that could put them in prison? any takers?


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