Rot am See (district of Schwäbisch Hall), the 27-year-old defendant was sentenced to prison. He had shot six people in January.

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In the murder trial of Rot am See (district of Schwäbisch Hall), the 27-year-old defendant was sentenced to prison. He had shot six people in January.


In addition to the prison sentence, the court in Ellwangen ordered him to be placed in a psychiatric hospital. The man would have to stay there as long as he was a danger to the public. In the case of the murders of the father, mother and half-sister in Rot am See (district of Schwäbisch Hall), the court speaks of a reduced capacity for guilt, as a mental illness is present. In addition, the accused was found to have made a confession and to have cooperated with the investigators.

Secondary action had demanded preventive detention for murderers of Rot am See

The court followed with the accommodation of the demand for the prosecution and defense. The family members acting as joint plaintiffs, on the other hand, had demanded life imprisonment with subsequent preventive detention, without admission to a psychiatric hospital.

Judgment on Rot am See not yet final

The defense of the 27-year-old had demanded a prison sentence of 13 years with reduced culpability, as well as placement in a psychiatric hospital. The prosecutor found the accused guilty of six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. He demanded life imprisonment and placement in a psychiatric hospital – with special severity of guilt.

Within one week the convicted man can appeal, and until the sentence is final, he will remain in custody.

Deadly shots in Rot am See

In January, the man had shot six of his relatives in Rot am See with a semi-automatic gun and seriously injured two others. The accused had confessed at the trial, and in the end, he spoke again: he wanted to apologize to all those affected.

I regret it, I wish I could turn back time.”_ The defendant in the murder trial Rot am See

According to a forensic psychiatrist, the defendant is delusionally disturbed. That’s what the court believed. The court concluded that the defendant was suffering from a severe schizoid personality disorder At the trial, the expert witness testified that the 27-year-old killed his mother and half-sister while under the influence of delusion.

Credit: Cannstatter Zeitung

The joint plaintiffs questioned the psychiatrist’s report. The main reason for the murders was greed. The accused was after the inheritance. It was a “sadistic rampage”.

Defendant confesses to fatal shots fired in Rot am See

The deed in Rot am See in January attracted attention across national borders, and a large media contingent traveled to Ellwangen for some days of the trial. For almost two weeks, several trial days brought much light into the events but also raised questions. Several experts were heard. They showed pictures of the crime scene, the victims’ injuries, and provided insight into the plans and the psychological state of the accused. The defendant had confessed the crimes before the trial began and reiterated his statements to the judge in Ellwangen. He also gave information about the events and the background of the crime. His motive: He believed that his mother had wanted to poison him since his early childhood.


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