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In the wake of online whistle-blowing targeting singer-songwriter, Bernard Adamus that prompted the record label Dare To Care to dump the artist, Coeur de pirate, and Les sœurs Boulay disassociated themselves from the company, which also represented them.

To address what she describes as a painful and complex issue, Béatrice Martin, aka Cœur de pirate, posted a message on Instagram stating that she has made the decision to sever her managerial ties with Eli Bissonnette, the president and founder of Dare To Care. Bissonnette, who on Thursday apologized personally for not acting earlier in the case involving Bernard Adamus, announced he was stepping down.


« I was picked up a bit by chance by someone who believed in me, and in whom I gave all my trust,» wrote the singer-songwriter. We’ve done great things together. « I’m directly linked to her success, and to the success of her company, I’ve financed a lot of projects [finally], thanks to my work. »

« But my work, my efforts, my success should not serve to feed evil, secrets, abuses of power, artists who frankly have no business there. » _ Pirate heart

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K Merci là. Je change de gérance, salut.

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She adds that she has « long wanted to believe » in the person who saw her potential, in this case, Eli Bissonnette, but that she feels guilty today for having done so. « At some point, that’s enough, » she says in her publication, To date, the Coeur de pirate has had an international career, particularly in Europe, where she enjoys enormous popularity.

“Our heart is with the victims.”

Just minutes after the president and founder of Dare To Care announced that he was stepping down from the position he had held since 2001, the duo Les sœurs Boulay, also shared a publication on Instagram stating that the two artists were severing their ties with the label. They also made a point of pointing out that they were « aware of some unacceptable allegations », that « the problems had been addressed [sic] » and that « the explanations, justifications, and promises »

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Despite this, they point out that they did not get « all the information » about the alleged behaviors, particularly in Adamus, and that « they stuck their heads in the sand »

« We’d already decided not to renew our record contract. But we could have done more. We didn’t. It was hypocritical and inconsistent. » _ Les sœurs Boulay

The duo reiterated that as survivors, they reiterated their commitment to « eliminate problematic people and their allies from [their] professional and personal circles. »

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« Our heart is with the victims. Their courage is infinite. Please do not waste your time congratulating us and “liking” us. Instead, read the testimonies of the victims. »

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