While the idea of living on a kind of giant Frisbee amuses scientists, they have also looked at what life on Earth would be like if it were flat. First of all, its flattened shape suggests the absence of gravity, which would be catastrophic for living things since the Earth would have no atmosphere. There would therefore be no gravitational attraction, which would lead to the disappearance of tidal phenomena and sea level variations.

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But if we take into account the famous dome imagined by the platists, researchers believe that humans could live at the center of this kind of planet without any particular concern. It is only by getting closer to the edge that the strange phenomena would be felt. As YouTuber Michael Stevens explains in his video “Is Earth Actually Flat?“, released in 2014: “Gravity would make you feel more and more tilted as you move outward…. It would give the impression of climbing an increasingly steep hill. “This would give the impression of climbing an ever steeper hill

And for those who would like to venture to the edge of the Earth, they risk being brought back to the center of the Earth always by gravity and not in a gentle way if we believe Michael Stevens. Nevertheless, the researchers have revealed a surprising detail: those who would manage to reach the edge would not fall into the void. They would be able to walk normally along the edge of this imaginary Earth. Fascinating, isn’t it?

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Strangely enough, although it is considered far-fetched, the Flat Earth theory is extremely fascinating, because if it were true, it would be better to avoid getting too close to the edge!

Source : Live Science

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