In Brazil, the very serious Datafolha Institute has indicated that 7% of Brazilians agree with this view. But it is especially in the United States that the platists are the most numerous: they represent 16% of the population according to YouGov. The community even includes famous personalities such as basketball player Kyrie Irving or rapper B.o.B.

Some platists are also making a lot of noise by trying to prove at all costs that the Earth is flat and that NASA and governments have in fact been lying to us all this time. This is the case of Michael Hughes, better known as “Mad Mike“. He had spent a good part of his life proving that the platists are right. His last attempt, unfortunately, cost him his life earlier this year: at the end of February, Mad Mike died in the crash of a rocket he had built himself in order to fly into space and see with his own eyes whether the Earth is round or flat.


But how exactly do these people see our planet?

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