In the Covid-19 era, these devices are essential, just as they were in the polio era

Oxygen is an essential element for human survival. However, some sick people are unable to breathe in oxygen, and humans invented artificial respirators. With a use that dates back to biblical times, let’s find out how the device was invented.

More than 4 million people in the world are currently affected by a coronavirus and nearly 300,000 people have already died from this disease. In severe cases of Covid-19, the use of artificial respiration is essential to ensure survival. These devices have thus become key elements in the fight against the pandemic. What is important to know is that artificial respirators have come a long way to become more or less accessible devices they are today. Indeed, although the production of artificial respirators is easier today, these devices remain non-common products, since they are strictly used in the hospital environment and in the management of patients with serious illnesses.

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Mechanical ventilation is normally used mainly in intensive care. And while the modern use of this device is not very widespread, it was even less so in the past, especially in the period after its creation. It dates back to the early 17th century, and at that time it was a handcrafted device that used blacksmith’s bellows to send air directly into the patient’s lungs. While this is the first known use of a life support system, written documentation, including the Bible, suggests that mechanical ventilation has been used for a very long time, Time magazine reported.

Steel lungs used at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital © Food and Drugs Administration / Wikipedia


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