A source of embarrassment for some, too intimate for others, this social convention is not always appreciated

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Kissing was taught to us from a very early age. A sign of politeness, sociability, and a good education – especially for girls – this practice followed us at all times, as we grew up and even in the professional world. Except that with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic and the introduction of social distancing, and especially barrier gestures, this custom is prohibited. Forever? Some people hope so.



The news site Neon has made a call for witnesses to find out what its readers think of this practice and, above all, their opinion concerning its possible disappearance. And you will see that many find this practice bland, bizarre, embarrassing, and sexist. In other words, it is a thing of the past and should be a thing of the past.

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According to some Internet users, the compulsory nature of the kiss makes it lose all its meaning. If kissing should be done voluntarily, jovially, openly, kissing anything and everyone makes most people do it mechanically. According to Marine, a reader of the site, “it’s a social code that doesn’t always take into account everyone’s desires and makes shy people uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, this custom is more widespread in some areas than others. As Alexandre testifies, “with hindsight, it’s a habit that I enjoyed giving up… Coming from Bordeaux, where this custom was more than widespread, I had already observed when I went up to work in the capital that this ‘social obligation’ was much less the norm. »

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Kissing is more “self-evident” when you are a woman than a man, at least that’s what many people think, especially men. Louise affirms this observation and states that “as a chick, you get a kiss as a matter of course. I miss hugging my family and friends, but kissing people I’ve only just met, frankly, I live better without! »

Besides, as you will have noticed, men shake hands with each other in the office, but when it’s a woman and a man or two women, they usually greet each other with a kiss. Unfortunately, with this obligation of “social kiss” for women, some men do not hesitate to go further by taking advantage of this proximity of a few seconds to sometimes put a hand on the shoulder of the woman, or even on her waist.

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Kissing everyone “out of politeness” means that many people may feel obliged to say hello to people they don’t like. In such cases, the kiss is neither sincere nor personal and often it is even done in haste because the heart is simply not in it.

Many would perhaps agree with a Neon reader, Lisa, who admits that she appreciates “the rare kiss that makes sense, the one that shows affection or the passage to another social stage“, the one that is “pretty, sympathetic, pleasant“.

Speaking of the intimacy of kissing, the fact of going to kiss someone on the cheek or putting your cheek against his or her cheek brings you into his or her zone of intimacy. While some people find kissing intrusive because it forces us to get close to people we know nothing about, custom has it that when we refrain from kissing, we can be called haughty, condescending or simply unpleasant.

In any case, if the misdeeds of the coronavirus are no longer to be listed, one cannot deny that on the subject of social kissing, the measures of distancing have allowed many people to avoid contact with people they did not necessarily appreciate. And that’s something else.

Source : Neon

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