The author Robert Kirkman has another comic ready for release. This time it will be a spin-off from the Negan character.

Credit: AMC

Image Comics has announced the release in July of a comic entitled Negan Lives. The comic is a “one-shot”, i.e. composed of a single issue, which will be released exclusively in stores.


Robert Kirkman wants to support the comic book shops that are also suffering the consequences of the VIDOC-19 crisis by not offering a digital version of the title. And the author of The Walking Dead is being very generous, announcing that 100% of the revenue generated by sales will go to the shop owners. “The retail community is doing a grueling job of getting the comics into the hands of our dear fans, we should all be doing more in these difficult times to show them how much they are appreciated. “said Kirkman.

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What happened to Negan?

Credit : Image Comics

Negan Lives is a comic strip illustrated again by Charlie Adlard, and still entirely in black and white. It will follow the adventures of The Walking Dead’s most prominent villain, the former leader of the Saviours, Negan. In the last comic book released a year ago, it was discovered that Negan now lives alone in a house in the small town of Springhaven. Carl and Lydia bring provisions to his door, but Negan never seems to show up. Judging by the illustration on the cover of the comic book, which shows Negan’s face with blood spatters, The Walking Dead’s cruelest villain shouldn’t stay alone for long, though.

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In the TV series, the character is still very present, and still has a role to play with the survivors. His actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has teased the fans by promising a season 10 finale worthy of a Walking Dead movie. The wait should be over since AMC has already scheduled the release date for episode 16. The comic book Negan Lives will be released on July 1st.

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