Return for new adventures on Netflix. The platform unveiled the first five episodes of the season on June 16th.

Credit: Adult Swim

It took almost three years to see Rick and Morty again on Netflix. The animated series, which was broadcast in French on Adult Swim, has been back on the platform since June 16th. In two parts, this new season offers its share of crazy adventures and necessarily a bit of trash. It opens with a seemingly calm breakfast with the Smith family, but it doesn’t take long before hostilities begin. This time Rick and Morty make no secret of making meta-references, even going so far as to appeal directly to the audience. At the end of the first episode, the writers announce it “From now on, Rick and Morty will do anything. Classic and not-so-classic adventures, and sometimes we won’t do anything. Rick and Morty do nothing.” We’ve been warned. The show seems to have freed itself from audience pressure, which blamed the supposed downswing in season three on new writers Jessica Gao and Jane Becker. Thoughts that were obviously not to the taste of the creators, who continue to use their characters to convey a message.


To die or not to die, this is the question

We already knew that, nothing stops Rick and Morty’s writers. In the first episode of season 4, the series gives us a reminder and reaffirms its starting postulate, the events of an episode will not necessarily have a consequence on the continuation. Like the character of Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow, if Rick dies, he comes back to life immediately thanks to his cloning vats. But here we are, trying too hard to be sensational, doesn’t the series risk losing its flavour? The cloning techniques, time travel and multiverse of the series leave little room for suspense, too bad. We imagine that this part of the story will be explored in more detail in the rest of the series. Will one of Rick’s Nazi alter egos find his trace?

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Obsessed dragons and Terminator snakes

In addition to parodying Back to the Future, the series explores the various mechanisms of science fiction in its narrative. This season is no exception to the rule, and the screenwriters are embarking on a jumble of more or less strong references to pop culture feature films. They have fun parodying Ocean’s Eleven, quoting the feature film several times, and become downright delightful. We also love it when she tackles what seemed to be sacred by parodying the medieval and magical universe of The Lord of the Rings. A downright unbearable Gandalf and obsessed dragons, the series hasn’t finished reappropriating the codes of pop culture, to our great pleasure. Special mention to episode 5, which features the battle between a nation of intelligent snakes and robots from the future. “Sarah Connor”, we regret that the show didn’t push the reference so far. It seems that a parody of the Samurai movies is on the program for the second part, we can’t wait.

The Godwin stitch Rick and Morty style – Credits: Adult Swim

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But where is Evil Morty?

Since his last appearance in season 3, Evil Morty has gone underground. After having eliminated all his opponents, the character has taken the head of the citadel of Rick. This is not good news for our protagonists who will certainly have to face him again. The least Morty of all Morty is undoubtedly the fans’ favorite antagonist, and yet he is absent from this salvo of episodes. The creator had “teased” his return, we’ll have to wait a little longer. We could see him again in the rest of the series, which has no airing date on Netflix yet. Now that he has seized power, it remains to be seen how he intends to execute his plan.

Rick becomes human – credits: Adult Swim

Is Rick becoming human?

Presented as a scientist without faith or law, Rick develops new feelings as the seasons go by. He gets closer to his family and even begins to develop a fondness for Jerry. This time, the character shows himself in a different light, in the episode called “The Old Man or the Shit” develops a friendship for a certain Tony. The final sequence gives us a glimpse of a new facet of his personality, and it’s not to displease us. The character seems to have evolved, and if he understands all the mysteries of the universe, he is in the process of discovering those of human relationships. With this episode, the screenwriters begin a long journey towards the humanization of Rick. The final sequence of the episode is full of tenderness, Rick and Morty style, with a backdrop of toilets and jokes.

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