After 5 years of waiting, the first opus of the adventures of “Black Adam” is on the horizon. If the film still remains very secret, revelations could be on the program of the first edition of the DC Fandome. On Instagram, Dwayne Johnson confirms his presence.

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It has been more than five years since we heard about the feature film centered on Shazam’s Nemesis, Black Adam. While we already know that Dwayne Johnson will play the character in the Warner Bros. movie, the rest of the plot is still a secret. Maybe not for long to believe his interpreter, according to a video on his Instagram account (below). In August, comic book fans around the world will have their eyes glued to the DC Fandome online event in hopes of gleaning some information about upcoming film adaptations of the comics.


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It seems that one of the lectures will be devoted to the character created by Otto Binder and C.C. Beck in 1945. “NARRATOR: The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change… I’ll be joining the first DC Fandome Lecture on August 22, 2020,” says the man who will play a superhero for the first time. While the nature of these possible revelations is still unknown, we shouldn’t expect any new excerpts. However, the names of those who will accompany The Rock in this adventure may be known, as the rest of the cast has not yet been shared by Warner.

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DC could also take the opportunity to give us the release date of the feature film, which has a 2021 release window if all goes according to plan. If filming were to start this summer, the pandemic of the new coronavirus will certainly have taken its toll on Warner Bros. planning. The film, which will by no means be a sequel to Shazam!, will be released before the second installment of the adventures of the character played by Zachary Levi. If the rumors are true, the two protagonists will meet during the third Shazam! movie. It remains to be seen what DC has in store for this day of online conferences, and if the announcements will live up to our expectations. In the absence of Comic-Con, the event will allow Warner to give news of all its projects on the fire, starting with the Snyder Cut.

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