It has the potential to significantly reduce the environmental pollution from tyres.

Credit: Michelin

Tires without compressed air are an innovation that all the automotive giants are working on. But Michelin has just unveiled a very promising new prototype. Tires that could be in production within five years.


While airless tires are a real challenge for all the players in the automotive industry, they are still very little used on a large scale. Their biggest drawback is that at present they can only be driven at low speeds. However, Michelin could revolutionize things in the years to come with its airless tire. In partnership with GM, the tire brand has developed a new tire designed for passenger cars.

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Called Uptis (abbreviation for Unique Puncture-proof Tire System), it is composed of a mixture of composite rubber and fiberglass resin. This combination makes the tire more resistant and capable of withstanding speed on the highway. In addition, airless tires make it possible to say goodbye to problems such as punctures or wear. They are also less harmful to the environment during production. According to Le Figaro, around 600 million tires are thrown away each year worldwide, mainly because of punctures or poor pressure.

GM plans to test the Uptis this year on the roads of Michigan. Several Chevrolet Bolt cars will test these new tires as comfortable as traditional tires. If they prove conclusive, the tires will be standard starting in 2024. However, the models affected by this new development are not yet known.

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Source : Engadget

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