This trick works as well on a smartphone as on a computer.

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The desktop version of YouTube would have a loophole that we could well exploit to our advantage. Indeed, this mistake would allow us to get rid of all these sometimes cumbersome ads imposed by the video platform, by means of a very simple trick.


Watch all the videos you want right now without being bothered in the least by all the untimely ads. To do this, simply add a dot to the URL of your video, just after the “.com”. Let us take an example. A YouTube address is normally constituted as follows: To benefit from the same content without advertising, all you have to do is use the same address by adding a dot after “com”, like this:

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Credit: YTcount

Many people who have been using this trick for a long time share it more and more, which could unfortunately provoke a reaction from Google, which would then hasten to correct this problem and make more profit from its advertising distribution. To function effectively, the advertising system must have access to a “white list”. Thus, he can know which domain names he should or should not send advertising on. The difference between URLs that are suitable for advertising and those that are not is the point at the end. If you add the point, the platform will think you are premium and won’t submit you to the ads.

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This trick also works on smartphones and other mobiles, but it’s a tricky one. You have to access YouTube from the Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser and open the page in the computer version thanks to the settings. By following these rules, you will be able to add the dot to the URL and you will not have the ads on your smartphone either. The tip was published on Reddit on June 10th.

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