Hackers create thousands of fake sites on the coronavirus to bait their victims

In these times of health crisis, they even go so far as to attack hospitals

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At a time of containment, when many people despair of the anxiety-provoking climate and all the foxes that circulate, hackers take advantage of the situation to develop fake information sites or medical equipment supply sites in order to steal your personal data and take possession of your electronic devices.


In these troubled times of pandemic and mandatory containment, we need information more than ever. Some hackers have unfortunately understood this and are banking on this fear to develop malware. One of the first linked to the outbreak was an interactive map created by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, which tracked the progress of the pandemic. Some hackers took advantage of this to create a fake site, allowing the famous map to be downloaded, but at the same time releasing a virus that infiltrated the computer to steal our data.

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A report, published by Checkpoint Research, shows that the number of malicious sites exploded with the Covid-19 outbreak. The number of registered domains exploded (10 times more than normal). Registering a domain name in the United States, for example, is much easier than in France, allowing hackers to create sites that appear to be ‘secure’ when they are not, so users are not suspicious and click on them. 0.8% of these new domains turned out to be malware. The report also tells us that last week no less than 6,000 new domains were created, an 85% increase over the previous week, and it is likely that many of these new domains are hackers.

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Hackers definitely have no morals, but we already knew that. Last Sunday, the Assistance publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) declared that it had been the victim of a computer attack that briefly blocked the Internet accesses of Parisian hospitals. Guillaume Poupard, the head of the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI), predicted as early as January that “the attackers have no ethics and would be able to attack the CHU at the time of a crisis when we need them in order to be sure to recover a ransom”. All over the world, hospitals are being attacked, according to Wired UK. Whether it’s a Czech hospital forced to send some patients home because its computer system was unusable, or even the Illinois Department of Health’s website was made unavailable, some hackers will do anything to steal as much money as possible.

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In order to guard against such attacks, it is important to remember certain small security rules, which are doubly important at the moment: do not click on links from unknown e-mail addresses or, if need be, check the identity of this e-mail address by searching it on Google (fraudulent addresses are always reported in one way or another), and above all never give out confidential information such as bank details or other passwords electronically, as a general rule. Companies must ensure that the tools available to teleworkers are secure; finally, reliable information is that from government sites, or from the WHO for example.

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The current health crisis leaves us in a climate of anxiety: citizens are seeking information by all means. However, malicious people take advantage of this fear to seize people’s personal data and demand ransom. More than ever, it is necessary to guard against these attacks, by being careful about the way we use technological tools.

Source : The hackernews

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