Can you imagine entrusting your journeys to a car without a driver?

© Cruise Origin / General Motors / Honda

It’s obvious, autonomous cars are the vehicles we will inevitably see in the more or less near future. Car manufacturers have understood this, and it is now the turn of General Motors and Honda to unveil their driverless car models.



Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors, presented its first vehicle specifically designed to operate without a driver on board at an event in San Francisco. Honda also participated in the design of the car by providing its engine. The autonomous electric vehicle, which GM called Cruise Origin, has the distinction of having no manual controls such as pedals or steering wheel.

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Not to forget, there are no mirrors or wipers on this vehicle, nor is there a driver’s seat. In fact, the vehicle’s design is not at all reminiscent of classic car models, as the seats are arranged face to face to promote interaction between passengers and ensure their comfort. The car is electric and has been designed for maximum comfort and convenience.


If one were to describe the Cruise Origin, it would be more like a shuttle than a car. Furthermore, Cruise Director Dan Ammann explained in a press release that the Cruise Origin was more intended to be a carpool vehicle rather than a personal and individual car. Compared to this, the Cruise Origin is a very spacious six-seater vehicle, even allowing passengers to stretch their legs.

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© Cruise Origin / General Motors / Honda

While General Motors and Cruise are responsible for the design of the vehicle, all engineering will be done by Honda. At this time, no date has been revealed as to when the design of the vehicle will begin or when it will potentially be available on the market. It should also be noted that the Cruise Origin will first have to obtain authorization from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration before it can be driven on public roads.

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