Gasoline, diesel, electric cars… who pollutes the least?

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Is driving an electric car more environmentally friendly than driving a petrol or diesel vehicle? This is the question answered by the Brussels NGO Transport and Environment with the help of an online tool. The NGO finally sets the record straight on a particularly tenacious misconception that electric cars pollute as much as internal combustion vehicles.



The electric market is developing very quickly, so we have the right to want the best vehicle to get around with as little pollution as possible. So the preconceived idea about electric cars is refuted by the Brussels NGO in collaboration with Libération.

In 2016, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) stated that “the impact of the electric vehicle is 25% greater than that of a diesel vehicle”, relates Libération. Before saying the opposite in a study published in 2017: “In France, greenhouse gas emissions induced by the manufacture, use and end of life of an electric vehicle are currently 2 to 3 times lower than those of petrol and diesel vehicles. »

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To prove this information, Transport and Environment have put a comparison tool online. This tool “compiles all the most recent data on CO2 emissions linked to the use of an electric, diesel or petrol car”. Thus, “the quantity of CO2 emitted during the production of electricity or the combustion of fuel” and “the carbon impact of resource extraction”. All the criteria are evaluated and compared with internal combustion vehicles.

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It is an online tool that allows the pollution level of each vehicle to be compared. It was our Frandroid colleagues who introduced us to this very practical tool. We learned that electric cars pollute almost three times less than petrol and diesel vehicles. And the results are unique for each country! In France, electric cars are 74% less polluting. Indeed, the electric model is based on nuclear and renewable energy-producing low carbon energy.

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The NGO even imagines the worst-case scenario to prove that electricity emits less CO2. If the battery is produced in China (in highly polluting coal-fired power stations) before being delivered to Poland (where 28% of coal generates electricity), it will emit 28% less CO2 than diesel and 81% less than petrol! The NGO justifies the result: “Electric cars lose only 10% of their energy in their engine, while internal combustion engines lose 70% of their energy in the engine. »

Source : Frandroid

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