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The end of human civilization embodies one of the great fears of the specialists because it is the man himself who is responsible for it. NASA has looked into the matter and according to its analyses, it is only a matter of decades before Man will disappear completely. However, we can still act to change that.



It’s a reality: human civilization seems doomed to disappear. While this is a frightening observation, it is part of a logic that has been repeated several times in the course of our history. Over the last 5,000 years, several civilizations before us have disappeared, such as the Roman Empire or the pre-Columbian tribes. And according to NASA, we will suffer the same fate, but on a planetary scale.

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The American aerospace agency has carried out a study on the subject, putting forward hypotheses as to the disappearance of human civilization. Far from what one might think, it could happen according to their analysis in just a few decades. We could be witnessing the disappearance of our species without realizing it.


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According to NASA, there are two possible scenarios. The first is based on the inequalities between rich and poor. This gap is widening all the time: the powerful, fewer in number but increasingly rich, are gradually making the workers disappear and those who remain are too poor to feed themselves.

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The second hypothesis is related to the overexploitation of the earth’s resources. The sometimes abusive use of our planet’s resources (whether plant, animal, mineral or oil) leads to the destruction of habitat and, in fact, to the disappearance of the poorest. As the poor can no longer produce what the rich need, the latter in turn disappear.


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The end of civilization is difficult to avoid, but it can be postponed if everyone acts now. In order to survive, NASA calls on the world to better distribute wealth to reduce existing inequalities. It also recommends limiting our consumption of non-renewable energy but also preserving our natural resources, otherwise, we will too quickly become the cause of our decline.

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