A new attack on protected species

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Deconstruct for better reign. That would be the slogan of the current tenant of the White House, Donald Trump. Since his election in November 2016, the 46th president of the United States has taken a malicious pleasure in undoing what the Obama administration had put in place. And this time is no exception. Indeed, Trump has validated a controversial law that allows hunters to legally track bears in Alaska.



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If this decision does not pass at all with the animal protection associations, it is also because of the fierce and unjust nature of the law. The law, which Trump was in the process of promulgating when our colleagues from the Guardian unveiled it, has just been made official. In the information collected and reported by the British newspaper, we learn that this famous law authorizes hunters in the Alaska National Reserves to attack not only bears but also wolves and coyotes and their cubs, right into their dens!

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While the Obama administration had established a law to “naturally” regulate America’s wild animal population (notably by banning the baiting of ursids out of their dens with donuts to make it easier to kill them – a method that hunters love), Trump is expanding his hunt. Jesse Prentice-Dunn, director of the Center for Western Priorities, an organization that fights for the protection of ecosystems, calls this change of direction “incredibly cruel”.


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While not everyone is happy with this decision, it does find supporters. David Vela, the director of the National Park Service where the law will take effect, assured that the change would “more closely align hunting and trapping regulations with those established by the State of Alaska.

It should be noted that Alaska allows, with a few exceptions, the hunting of bear cubs in certain interior regions of the state. Although this rule should not disappear, it should allow hunters to kill black bears, females, and cubs, as well as wolves, coyotes, and caribou, without distinction. In short, if Alaska limited the hunting of bears and cubs to the interior regions of the state, the new law promulgated by President Trump will allow exceptions in more remote areas of the 49th state.

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Jesse Prentice-Dunn does not mince his words when he states that this change is “the latest in a series of efforts to reduce the protection of American wildlife at the request of oil companies and trophy hunters.

One more step was taken by the Trump administration to further reduce and destroy endangered ecosystems.

Source : The Guardian

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