The design has just leaked on the Internet thanks to a propsman.

Xiaomi Mi CC10

Last year, Xiaomi, already strong with several brands and initiatives in telephony (Redmi, Pocophone, Black Shark), reinforced its catalog with a new range thanks to a partnership with a Chinese brand more confidential in the West: Meitu. The latter, a minority subsidiary of Xiaomi, is known in Asia for having developed a photographic application dedicated to selfies called “Beauty Cam” (one of whose filters, called “big eyes”, has caused a lot of ink to flow).

Credit: Xiaomi

From this association was born the Mi CC range whose first products are the Mi CC9, Mi CC9e and Mi CC9 Pro, with 108 megapixel photo sensor. All three arrived in Europe and were renamed for the occasion Mi 10 Lite, Mi Note 10 and Mi A3. A few days ago, we learned that a new range should be announced by Xiaomi in the coming weeks (most likely in July). An information that seems to be confirmed today thanks to an accessory specialist.

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The visual that accompanies this article has been published on the Slashleaks platform. According to the leaker who posted it there, it is the Mi CC10 (the classic version, it seems). We see a smartphone and a mineral glass to protect the screen of the smartphone from the vagaries of everyday life. It is the creator of this protection who would have created this image to illustrate the description of his product.

Screen with punch and round photo block

Xiaomi Mi CC10

So we see a large borderless screen with rounded corners and a punch in the upper left corner to house a selfie sensor. You will notice that the protective glass takes this physical feature into account. At the back, we find a curved glass shell in the center of which is a round photo block with several sensors. A design that reminds, without being identical, of the Redmi K30 or Pocophone F2 Pro, for example. Let’s recall that the Mi CC9 was equipped with a notched screen and a vertical photo block stuck in a corner.

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This is logically the “classic” Mi CC10, but the Mi CC10 Pro, the famous smartphone with the first 120x hybrid zoom that we mentioned a few days ago, could also look like this. The Mi CC9 Pro also looked a lot like its classic version with the only visual difference being the number of photo sensors available. So it’s not impossible that the entire CC10 family is close enough to this visual.

Source: Slashleaks

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