The project for the serial adaptation of the game “The Last of us” is progressing. We now know the director of the movie, who could potentially even direct all the episodes. It will be Johan Renck, who signed the ones for “Chernobyl”.

last of us hbo
The Last of us on HBO

As the video game The Last of us Part II prepares to hit the shelves on June 19, concluding a narrative arc that began seven years ago, it’s its serial adaptation on HBO that is (somewhat) making news. As a reminder, last March, the channel confirmed that it was teaming up with Naughty Dog to create the series, headed by Craig Mazin (who wrote the extraordinary Chernobyl mini-series) and Neil Druckmann, the game’s creator, both also acting as executive producers.

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Johan Renck

In an interview with Discussing Film published on June 5, Johan Renck, who was honored for his direction of the Chernobyl episodes, confirmed that he will act as executive producer on the future series, but also as director; “at least the pilot of the series”. So we can hope that he will sign several episodes. On the CV side, Renck is a seasoned director. He has directed episodes of the series Vikings, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Bates Motel. If we add to that that the soundtrack of the series will be composed by Gustavo Santaolalla, the same one behind the fabulous soundtrack of the game, this project of adaptation of the license, which was initially to be made in the form of a film – is likely to raise a very big expectation. It remains to be seen who the future cast will be. Any ideas for the next incarnations of Ellie and Joel?

Below, the last trailer unveiled of “The Last of us Part II”, which promises to be abyssal darkness…

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