Art plays a vibrant role in the personal life of the individual as well as in the social and economic development of the nation

The study of Visual arts encourages personal development and the awareness of both our cultural heritage and the role of art in society. The learner acquires personal knowledge, skills, and competencies through activities in Visual arts. When one studies Visual arts, he/she would come to appreciate or understand that art is an integral part of everyday life.
The role art plays in personal development and in the socio-economic development of the nation have been explained below.


It fosters creativity:

Visual art education helps the learner to develop the ability to think, feel, and act creatively with visual materials. The student also develops the ability to bring something new into existence. This desirable quality is acquired when the learner engages in practical lessons such as the designing and creation of an artifact in solving a problem or satisfying a need.

Be Creative / Credit: Pexels

It offers a total education to the individual:

Visual art education offers holistic education to learners. Such education comes about when the learner produces an artifact in satisfying a particular need in society. He engages in the organization and exploration of art materials, tools, and techniques. Moreover, he gathers varieties of ideas, selects the key ideas, simplifies and analyze them, combine, and separate ideas. These problem-solving activities help in educating the head (mental faculties) of the learner.
Also, when the artist uses the tools and materials he had explored and the techniques acquired in producing the artifact he develops manual or practical skills. This caters for the education of the hand.
Visual art education helps learners to appreciate works of art. When we see these artistic creations, they arouse certain feelings in us. Appreciation for the work would move us to talk intelligently and knowledgeably about it. This educates the heart. Owing to this, we can say that the study of Visual arts provides creative education of the head, hand, and heart.

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It helps in learning about our cultural heritage:

Visual art education helps the learner to build an appreciation for our cultural heritage handed down to us by our forefathers. This appreciation is acquired through the learning of the various histories of art and the study of art appreciation and criticism. These studies help the artist to understand the meanings and usefulness of our arts which embody our set of beliefs and ideologies. Thus, works of art are used in maintaining the ideas, knowledge, and beliefs of society as handed down from one generation to another. In this way, we learn about our cultural heritage.

Credit: Sharon McCutcheon / Pexels

Projects personal and national identity:

Visual art education helps learners to build self-respect and personal ego. When an artist produces works of art in and outside the society or country, it projects his identity or makes him known to his own countrymen and foreigners. This largely comes about when the artist exhibits his artistic creations during art exhibitions, fairs, and bazaars. When an exhibition is organized outside the country and the artist partakes in it, it assists greatly in projecting his/her nation.
Also, since the themes or subjects of works from Ghana lavishly talk about our culture, it helps in making our culture known to other people of the world.

Credit: Terricks Noah / Unsplash

Art is used in correcting physical, psychological, and emotional growth deficiencies:

Practical activities in visual art can help reduce tension and emotional stress in people. The lives of physically challenged persons and social misfits are reorganized or changed when they engage in practical lessons in art. Those who have deficiencies in their physical and psychological growths are corrected gradually when they explore with art tools and materials in the creation of artworks. Art, therefore, serves as a therapy or medical aid for those with growth deficiencies.

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Art reduces poverty:

Art is an income-generating venture that provides employment for several Ghanaians. It helps its practitioners in earning money to fend for themselves and their families reducing the poverty ratio of the nation.

Art reduces poverty

Promotes the tourism industry of the nation:

Works of art are sold to tourists to earn foreign exchange. Art souvenirs are exported to foreign lands to earn substantial funds for the artist and the nation as a whole. This helps in the promotion of the tourism industry.

Credit: Joshua Earle / Unsplash
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