British artist Banksy revealed, on Saturday, June 6, a new work created in memory of George Floyd, who was suffocated to death by a policeman in Minneapolis on May 25.

Bansky’s drawing in homage to George Floyd / Twitter Bansky

Tributes to George Floyd are multiplying all over the world. On Saturday, June 6, British street artist Banksy published a new online illustration depicting a portrait of a black silhouette surrounded by a candle that begins to light up the U.S. flag.


The artwork was posted by Bansky on his Twitter account as thousands of people gathered in Paris, London, Mexico City and many other cities around the world to join the movement of anger against racial discrimination and police violence that emerged in Minneapolis after the death of the 46-year-old African-American citizen on Monday, 25 May.

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The artist, whose identity remains unknown, compares racism in his post to a problem of a leaky pipe flooding an apartment whose occupants are not allowed to leave.

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