More tests will be conducted to better understand the harmful effects of the virus on the health of women and their babies.

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Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, doctors have found that the disease can cause some unexpected symptoms, such as skin irritations and frostbite. In some cases, Covid-19 has even caused strokes. In a new medical finding, it was also discovered that the coronavirus could cause placental injury in pregnant women.



A small study of women who tested positive for coronavirus during pregnancy showed signs of damage to the placenta, the organ that develops in the mother’s uterus, and provides oxygen and nutrients to the baby, Researchers at Northwestern University in the United States found evidence of placental injury in the placenta of 16 women who tested positive for Covid-19 during pregnancy. This finding points to a new complication associated with the fatal disease.

Northwestern University

These signs of placental injury are worrisome, and scientists believe that pregnant women may need close monitoring during pregnancy. With respect to these injuries, the main finding is an increase in maternal vascular perfusion. This means that there is abnormal blood flow between mothers and their babies in the uterus. Indeed, the study published in the American Journal of Clinical Pathology reported that the blood flow on the maternal side of the placenta abnormally supplies the same amount of oxygen to the fetus.

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In addition to this, it was also found that there was blood clotting in the placenta. On this fact, Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, lead author of the study, explained in a news release: “There is an emerging consensus that there are problems with clotting and blood vessel damage in Covid-19 patients. Our results confirm that there may be an association between blood clotting and coronavirus, and this occurred in the placenta. »


These findings were made by pathological examinations of the placenta immediately after birth. Fifteen of these women gave birth to healthy babies, while one miscarried. None of the babies tested positive for coronavirus. “Most of these babies were born full-term after otherwise normal pregnancies, so you wouldn’t expect to find anything wrong with placentas, but this virus seems to induce wounds in the placenta,” explained Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein.

Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein

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It does not appear to induce negative results in live-born infants, based on our limited data, but it validates the idea that pregnant women with Covid-19 should be monitored more closely,” he added. In particular, the researchers suggested that pregnant women with coronavirus should be subjected to non-stressing tests, which examine the extent to which the placenta provides oxygen, or growth ultrasound, which measures whether the baby is growing at a healthy rate.

Thus, the researchers argue that the results of their study, although somewhat early, could help determine how pregnant women should be clinically monitored during the pandemic. They also said that the goal of the study is not to create fear, but to best prevent the adverse effects of the pandemic on the health of pregnant women and their babies.

Source : Science Daily

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