A century from now, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be able to discover what used to make us laugh in this day and age.

Us National Library / Wallpapaer Flare

Many Internet users have already used gifs, memes and funny pictures to entertain their interlocutors, friends or subscribers. A team of archivists at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., has taken the brilliant initiative to store all popular open source content on the Internet to immortalize our generation’s digital culture for future generations.


As Slate reports, researchers have been hunting for gifs, tweets, blogs, memes and funny images that have gone viral on the net. And according to the New York Times, this gigantic library already contains no less than 18 billion digital documents, or 2,129 petabytes of data.

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But it should not be thought that all the contents on the Web are listed there. In fact, archivists have preferred to put in this database only content that has been popular for a day to several years and adaptable content. In other words, each Internet user should be able to modify the content as he or she wishes, such as the “Distracted Boyfriend” which has been modified thousands of times. As a reminder, this is the image of a man holding his girlfriend’s hand but turning around to look at another woman.

Distracted Boyfriend meme

It should also be noted that the original idea was to collect the great events of history. But researchers have expanded the content that will be included in the library by creating a catalogue that would represent the online culture of our time so that future generations of researchers and Internet users can have a record of it.

Source : Slate

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