It works 96% of the time and could change your life, the technique used by American soldiers to relax and fall asleep quickly

man has a sleeping problems / andrea Piacquadio


1) Lie down and relax all the muscles of your face (tongue, jaw and muscles around the eyes).


2) Relax your shoulders by loosening them as much as possible. Then do the same for each of your arms by lowering them one after the other.

3) As you exhale, gradually relax the muscles in your torso and then in your legs (thighs, calves and feet).

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4) Clear your mind. Visualize yourself lying in a canoe on a lake with nothing but a blue sky above your head, or lying in a black velvet hammock in total darkness, or repeating “think of nothing” for about ten seconds.

If this method doesn’t work, you can also follow the advice of Dr. Neil Stanley, a sleep specialist: “To fall asleep, you need three things: a room conducive to sleep, a relaxed body and, above all, a quiet mind. You can’t fall asleep if your mind is racing, and anything you can do to slow it down will help you sleep. »

“You have to find out what works for you. Reading, a hot bath, herbal tea, meditation, aromatherapy or music… anything that can help you cope with the stress of the day,” says the doctor.

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Source : Ouest-France

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