They’ll have a better body image

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According to a recent study by American researchers, eating breakfast as a family would give children a much more positive image of their bodies, impacting their health. The first meal of the day is, once again, associated with decisive importance.



Conducted by a team from the Universities of Missouri, Tennessee-Knoxville, and Washburn, the study was very large and involved more than 12,600 American school children who were asked to record their breakfast frequency. They were also asked to compare it with the frequency of eating it with a parent, but also to report on their general nutritional habits. From this set of data, the researchers were able to determine the main consequences of eating the first meal of the day with the family, from the child’s perspective.

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For example, scientists determined that children, but also adolescents, were more likely to accept their bodies if they shared breakfast with their families. This includes parents and their potential siblings. But for this to work, it has to be regular.

Ramseyer Winter, an assistant professor, said, “The results of this study suggest that positive interactions with food, such as breakfast and family meals, may be associated with body image. More than ever, breakfast is a must-eat meal in childhood and adolescence. It is also the most important meal of the day, capable of providing a quarter of the energy needed during the day.

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Unfortunately, of these 12,000 young people in the United States, 17% reported never eating breakfast. Researchers are wondering how to raise awareness among these young people. In France, it is regularly demonstrated that one French person in five eats breakfast irregularly. During periods of stress, such as the baccalaureate at present, we can nevertheless welcome certain initiatives, such as offering candidates breakfast.

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While more than half of the candidates eat breakfast about five days a week, excluding weekends, almost a third (30%) eat breakfast less than five times a week. Also, boys are more likely to eat breakfast than girls.
As noted above, regular family breakfast is now associated with positive body image.

But in a context where fewer and fewer children are consuming it, researchers are wondering. All this shows the strong influence of parents, which would then be beneficial, with regard to the first meal of the day, Ramseyer Winter concludes by recalling that “we know that health-related parental behaviors can have lasting effects on a child”.

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Source : Slate

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