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To-Do List” is in style: lists of tasks to be accomplished. That’s why the bullet journal is so popular. Yet our lists keep getting longer. They fill up faster than we tick off the tasks we’ve completed. So, if our To-Do Lists are getting overwhelming, maybe it’s time to sort them out. Maybe it’s time to create a To-Do List! A To-Don’t List.



Alison Rimm, editor for the American magazine Harvard Business Review has an unusual technique for maximizing the management of her tasks and doing more. For example, she doesn’t use a single list. Or two. But three different lists! Her first list includes all the important articles she has to write, with no deadline.

In everyday life, this list can be transposed with the following examples: “buy more socks”, or “plan a vacation”. His second list concerns his emergencies, tasks that need to be completed as quickly as possible. Finally, his third list is perhaps the most important of all. It’s her “To-Don’t List”, a list of things not to do!

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However, one must be careful. It’s not about writing down things you shouldn’t do, like “stop hanging out on Facebook”. Indeed, Alison Rimm notes things that would be tempting to add to one of her other two lists, but for which she doesn’t have the time. So it’s a list of tasks to delegate to others. Items that don’t fit her objectives. Or tasks that are less important than those on the other lists.

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The concept of the “do not do” list is intended to establish rules. But also to remain strong in the face of temptation. For example, it transforms “I can’t go out tonight, I have to work tomorrow” into “I don’t go out on weeknights”. Productivity expert Jocelyn Glei also has her own version of the “To-Don’t List”.

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For her, it is a matter of eliminating certain practices in the workplace to maximize productivity and efficiency. For example, her list includes “I don’t listen to music with lyrics. Who has never thrown out a song and ended up humming – or even singing at the top of their lungs – instead of working?

Jocelyn Glei also added to her list “I don’t treat e-mails from people I don’t know as urgent. Or, “I don’t work after 6 p.m.”. Of course, the list of “don’ts” is personal and should reflect your priorities. And its followers guarantee it: its use will transform your professional life!

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