Discover the egyptian cities from another point of view, architectural and historical treasures

Oh, Egypt, land of all the ancient Gods, the pyramids and the famous Nile: this is a fascinating country. Located in Africa, the Egyptian wonders are not difficult to reach on a trip to Egypt. Between mythological Egypt and modern Egypt, there is only one step: the one you take towards your new stage of discovery! Here are all our tips to see it all in one trip.


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Credit: Roxanne Shewchuk / Pexels

Since Herodotus, Egypt has been described in books as a magical, dreamy place. And rightly so: between its Valley of the Kings, its Nile, its Red Sea and its oases, the country abounds in splendid places to visit, like the Eastern and Western civilizations.

Among the must-see destinations in Egypt are :

  • Cairo, the ancient Egyptian capital where the Egyptian Historical Museum is located.
  • Alexandria, known for its 7 wonders and its Mediterranean charm
  • Aswan, a peaceful city with many dams
  • Suez, where the historic canal of the same name is located.
  • Hurghada, a highly rated seaside resort

Not to mention the diversity of the landscapes, which will make each of your visits a must :

  • The Arabian or Libyan desert
  • The Red Sea
  • The Nile Valley

Egypt is also known for its renowned seaside resorts, especially on the Sharm el-Sheikh side, which is why trips of about ten days are frequent. You can go scuba diving (snorkeling) to admire the exotic fauna and flora in the open sea! But there are other land-based treasures you may be interested in.

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Credit: Pixabay

If there’s one thing you expect to see in Egypt, it’s the pyramids of Giza! Dating from the 4th century BC, they are the testimony of a rich civilization under the influence of the pharaohs, a testimony that stands proudly in the heart of the desert. Already, from Cairo, you can see the roofs so characteristic of the pyramid of King Khufu, which make you want to venture there …

To go from discovery to discovery during your stay, make as many stopovers as possible, firstly at the temples of Karnak, a true heritage of the pharaohs, then in the Valley of the Noble, where there are ancestral tombs.

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Other Egyptian Pharaonic wonders include Abu Simbel, the Aga Khan mausoleum, the necropolis of Saqqarah, Esna, Edfu, the site of Amarna, and the Temple of Amen in Luxor. History buffs will be delighted!

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