Hans-Florian Zimmer is a German composer and producer, born on 12 September 1957 in Frankfurt am Main, West Germany. To this day, the musical maestro has supplied more than 150 films with music and written musical notes for successful films in the early stages of his career.

After working with the greatest Hollywood directors, Hans gave an epic taste to movies through compositions full of operatic orchestras. He moved from Germany to the United Kingdom, and then to the United States, bringing with him his unique style of combining electronic music with classical orchestral music to create a suitable and charming environment in movies.

Over the course of his illustrious career, Zimmer has been awarded numerous awards such as four Grammy Awards, one Oscar and two Golden Globe awards. He currently works in DreamWorks Studios as head of film music division, and he works in cooperation with other musicians as well.

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The beginnings of Hans Zimmer

Hans Florian Zimmer was born in Frankfurt am Main, West Germany, on September 12, 1957, from an engineer father and a homemaker. He also said that his mother was a musical woman, which naturally developed a sense of music.

Even so, once he accepted the piano lessons, he didn’t like it, stating that he didn’t want any formal music training. He was continuously expelled from schools due to lack of concentration in classes. With the emergence of the computer as well as the development of electronic music, Zimmer clung to it and began playing it.

The piano lessons he learned as a child remained in his memory some way and developed new sounds from them. Among the talented pianists, Zimmer spent little time learning to play the piano and a lot of time modifying it.

He was a creative child and when his father passed away, he suffered from excessive depression, and music became a primary source of support for him alongside his mother until he reached adulthood, and began taking his music career seriously.

Achievements of Hans Zimmer

In the early 1970s, Hans Zimmer set out with his musical career after moving to the United Kingdom and joined several bands here and there as a pianist. Meanwhile, he worked in advertising to earn a living. In 1980, he received fame at a moderate level with the album LP (Long play) that he performed with The Buggles, entitled The Age of Plastic. Hans collaborated with Ultravox and The Damned for a short period and gained more popularity.

He got his first work in making a musical sound for movies (soundtrack) by collaborating with Stanley Myers, who was the producer of several films. Beside him, Zimmer developed his style of mixing orchestral music with electronic sounds and worked on films like Moonlighting and Insignificance. After succeeding with many other films, his professional career took a bend when he was given the opportunity to provide music for The Last Emperor, the 1987 movie that won an Academy Award for Best Soundtrack.

He also produced music for the TV series Going for Gold, as he was the first job to get enough money to pay the rent, he said. The following year, Rain Man has been released, a movie by which Hans established a strong foothold in Hollywood. The film was a success and won four academic awards, and its theme echoed everywhere and led to  Zimmer’s nomination for the Oscar for the first time.

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In the movie, Zimmer performed a relatively low sound, resulting from the mixing of the synthesizers and samplers, and pursued this musical style in his next project entitled Driving Miss Daisy.

Zimmer made adjustments to his music in the movie Thelma and Louise, directed by Ridley Scott, by inserting a Slide Guitar.

In 1992, he travelled to Africa to get to know the chorus and the drums of Africa for The Power of One. The stuff he learned there helped him a lot for his work in Disney’s The Lion King. The animation was commercially and critically successful, it echoed and gained in awarding and Zimmer won two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe and two Grammy Awards.

Zimmer then worked with several successful directors such as Tony Scott and Terrence Malick for the movie The Thin Red Line, asking Zimmer to make the film’s music before filming began. As this was a new way of working, Zimmer was making music as usual, according to modifications and clips, but somehow he was able to record a beautiful tune that was six and a half hours long. At the time, Hans became the first musical destination for the biggest Hollywood directors. Hans continued his collaboration with Ridley Scott, by providing his epic movie, The Gladiator, with a classic theme named Now We Are Free.


His other projects at the end of the twentieth century included The Last Samura and Madagascar and later worked on Sherlock Holmes and Angels and Demons.
For the movie The Last Samurai, Zimmer did extensive research to understand the nuances of Japanese musical instruments and ended up becoming a huge fan of them.

Apart from that, he took part in serial budget movies like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight series and Pirates of the Caribbean series. He led a team of composers who worked on soundtracks for batman movie, The Dark Knight. This project made Zimmer a fantastic phenomenon throughout the world and although the film was not nominated for Best Soundtrack at the Academy Awards due to Some issues, this project sparked a debate about whether he is the largest cinematographer ever.

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His work with director Christopher Nolan went on for The Dark Knight Rises, the last movie from the trilogy. Apart from that, Nolan appointed Zimmer to record music for one of his greatest works, Inception.

Nolan, who worked as an executive producer for the DC Comics, asked Zimmer to compose themes for the first two DC films, Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: The Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder. Zimmer agreed to this but after drafting this project, he announced his retirement for superheroes films; Zimmer continued to work on films and series until now and was nominated for Oscar best movie soundtrack for Interstellar by Christopher Nolan.

Here’s a Top 10 Best Hans Zimmer Scores, after watching this video you’ll realise the genius of this man, and how he can embody any scene in one masterpiece.

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