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Metal and Metalheads … beyond the scream

Some people who do not understand music may think that metal singing is just shouting and random screaming that anyone can do, and this is wrong

Metal is nothing but the legitimate son of the famous rock music, which is in turn drawn from blues. Some claim the term metal appeared by the Steppenwolf band in 1968 in a passage written by Mars Bonfire in their song Born to be wild, while others link the term to Black Sabbath band. Among the first groups to sing metal were Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. It was in the late sixties and beginning of the seventies.

Black Sabbath guitarist, Tony Iommi, while working at an iron factory in Germany, was hit by an accident that cut off two fingers of his right hand, which means the end of his career. After several unsuccessful attempts to play with his left hand or use plastic fingers, one of his friends proposed a glove with metal fingers, and when he wore it, he faced another problem, his severed fingers did not feel the strings, and with training, he found himself forced to play with the lower strings – The heavy tone – which was sounded and composed by using the metal dark fingers in the words of one of the musicians. Tony started composing his music in such a way and met a wide success, and through it, a new type of music was created: Heavy Metal.

Perhaps many people still confuse metalheads and Satanists, and this is completely wrong and has no basis. If it ever happened and a song was released and insulted God and religions, if its style is Metal, Rock, Pop, Rap or any form of music, it does not mean that we attribute this act to the previous forms of music.

Photo by Luuk Wouters on Unsplash
Photo by Luuk Wouters on Unsplash

Previously, at the beginnings of metal music era, several bands were accused of satanism. But later, it became clear that all the accusations were due to fear of the impact of these bands on young people. They were afraid to use words in songs that oppose the government and arm the people against oppression, as is the case in the story of the famous Raggae singer “Bob Marley”.

Metal music is considered a developed genre of the Hard Rock. It carries an anti-injustice and oppression thought. It talks about many humanitarian and other issues such as history and wars to stop them. It also carries existential or metaphysical philosophy, in addition to the support for poor and homeless people. This bad-reputed music stands against racial, territorial and religious racism in particular, and even more recently, it interferes in discussing political issues to reject injustice. Metal music often urges success and optimism, like in “Dream on” song of Aerosmith, which combines rock and metal, released in 1973.

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Unrestricted singing and Random screaming

The most important thing that distinguishes metal is the out of ordinary vocal techniques, where it depends on unusual vocal ranges which is very difficult to master. Thus, the singer discusses his case with a wild, angry voice, to live it and transmit it to his audience. It expresses the pain of his hollows and soul.

Some people who do not understand music may think that metal singing is just shouting and random screaming that anyone can do, and this is wrong, they are bound by the musical rules but with very high vocal ranges that need long years to master.

The metal singer reaches the same range as the guitar. If you notice any song you hear, of any kind, the singer’s voice is always identical to the instruments played with the same notes and the same range.

It was the case with metal singing, as the loud guitar goes back to Jimi Hendrix, who did not care about the power of the sound. Even though he faced a lot of rejection, rock and metal music became associated with this distinctive sound. The singer has come up with ranges considered crazy, but they are real and pure, and they are only sublime in the spirit, mind and heart of the singer.

Why do metalheads have long hair?

It is, as an expression of asceticism in the world, that nothing is more important than the human heart. For them, appearance and adornment are indispensable, they do not care about positions, nor to collect wealth or prestigious social potential. It is also said that the Vikings’ life influences them because of their asceticism, and it is also said that the lengthening of hair is a reference to one of the monks… even their clothes correspond to the asceticism mentioned above, simplicity and lack of complexity, so they don’t wear clothes with high-cost fashion just to show off. The best example of asceticism and simplicity is the Headbanging movement. It is about shaking the head during the singing and playing. It’s one of the most common and beautiful movements of metal.

The most famous types and genres of metal

Metal has several types, but there are a certain number of main types such as Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Progressive Metal and Thrash Metal, which each branch into many other genres that differ from each other with technical differences. Each type of it can be combined with another type to produce a completely new one. In short, the difference between the types is some technical variation in the first place, such as the speed of the rhythm and the type of vocal such as: “Clean, Growling, Brutal, Screaming, Harsh”. These factors affect the technical classification of metal music.

Most famous bands :

There are several famous metal bands, which have a very large fan base that exceeds millions of fans, such as Metallica, Savatage, Epica, Haggard, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Opeth, Megadeath, death and hundreds of other famous bands. Each of these groups has its kind and its lyrics which distinguishes it from the rest. You can search for their live-parties on YouTube to see their highest-attended concerts.

The highest-attended metal concert is Monsters of Rock. The party was held on September 28, 1991, in Tushino Airfield in Moscow, and the attendance was incredibly high, it reached more than 1,600,000 fans.

Here are some famous bands from every main type:

Thrash Metal, Metallica One of the most important bands in history belongs to this genre.

Power Metal, One of its bands, is Sonata Arctica

Progressive metal, one of its the best band is Opeth and Dream Theatre

Gothic Metal, One of its bands is the famous group Evanescence

Doom Metal, One of its bands, is Uaral

Folk Metal, Again Uaral and Equilibrium

Black Metal, One of its bands, is Bathory

Death Metal, One of its bands, is Death

Metalcore, One of his groups, is Bring Me the Horizon

New Metal,  its best band is Linkin Park.

Speed ​​Metal, One of his bands, Slayer, is again Metallica

Symphonic Metal, This particular type I consider it one of the most compatible types for fans and haters of metal together, it combines several genres and is often characterized by a girl with a very strong voice and identical to the voice of opera and symphonies singers. Its most prominent bands are Epica and Within Temptation.



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