There is no doubt that music is the most significant spiritual art that makes us travel without means of transportation; it is the only way that makes the infant dance by default without a saying word. Also, it’s what makes us who we are for a beautiful past or an important event etched in our memories forever. In this article, we will show you the meaning of true love for this spiritual tool. We handpicked for you the most beautiful things said about the most wonderful arts: Music.

The following sayings were said about the wonderful music, composed, rearranged, created or remastered by legendary musicians, geniuses of art and even philosophers. These poles were hundreds of years ahead of their time, and so their deeds preserved their magnificence. Music lovers are still studying and singing it, trying to understand the meanings and moral dimensions that are closely related to these legends. These peerless musicians were able to embody what they heard, what they saw, and what they felt in sections of the melody that transcend all those who taste it and interact with it out of this world.

Music is what feelings sound like

Photo by Mike Giles on Unsplash
Photo by Mike Giles on Unsplash

Music is a mediator between the spiritual and material worlds. It is the sound of a harmonious presence of melodies and turns. It is the whisper of the invisible worlds, a chord and tone in the divine harp that the entire universe will one day repeat its melting tune. There is something strange about music. I would say that music is a marvel in itself. Its base lies between the thought and the visible world. Yes, it is a radiant mediator between mind and matter. They are associated with them and at the same time differ from them. She is spiritual but lacks rhythm, is material but is unrestricted.

Music resembles poetry in that it contains subtle shades and meanings that nobody can perfect, but rather needs an innovative sore from tasting and accentuating. Musicians and music lovers are happy and optimistic. For them, music is a dear demand and a noble goal, it is an unruly passion that overwhelms them, overwhelms their whole being.

Without music, life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Nietzsche:

Music brings inspiration, and it can also fire love or anger. As for her enchanting statement, music can move people in a mysterious way that they have no power to resist. This glorious art does not necessarily need to be renewed. Instead, the older it is, the more familiar it is to us and the greater it impacts on us. A person who does not respond to soft tunes and is not affected by the fresh melodies is more willing to betrayal and intrigue.

Music is the fourth need in our lives. Our first need is for food, then clothing, shelter, and music! The prophets and greats love this sacred art. It is the only art that can calm self-revolt. Rather, it is one of the greatest and most wonderful gifts God has given us. The noblest melodies play the strings of the heart.

Music is the only sensual pleasure that people can enjoy without harming their literary or religious feelings. When music enters the soul, it becomes spiritual, and it never dies. Slightly, it moves between the corridors of memory, and we hear it clearly, just as it was heard for the first time.

Some have argued that music is a divine element and is one of Paradise’s heavenly pleasures. Among the means of love and peace, there are no cooler and fresher than the kind music, whose tunes speak eloquently about the masterpieces of life!! Music addresses our souls, brings together our thoughts, enriches our hearing, renews our mind, and fills our hearts with love and our mind with pure fruitful ideas. Music has the greatest impact on emotions. Experiments have shown that animals are also affected by music, especially birds, spiders, horses, elephants and camels.

Music is the ultimate proof that there are worlds other than this finite material world. It is a rainbow-like promise that translates itself from sight to hearing. Music is more enjoyable than poetry, and its relationship to the feelings of its authors is much closer than it relates to their ideas. Music is the panacea for sad hearts and can wash away dust and troubles.

Why do we love music?

We love music because it doubles hopes, memories and feelings that can be restored with a touch of a chord. It can tame the monsters and the beast. The coolest types of music are soul music and spiritual chants, it awakens something asleep in our depths, and sometimes it turns our tears without knowing why. As if it reminds the soul of its spiritual world from which it came and must return to it one day.

Music awakens the soul, raises it high, imbues it with noble desires, and makes it eligible to speak of God and Heaven. It is the most wonderful art that man has discovered. It is easy to savour the joy of heaven by listening to it and enjoying its melodies.

Music is the poetry of the air.” Jean Paul Richter:


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