The piano is one of the most prominent musical instruments, as we find it in many places and many genres. Many people tend to learn to play this instrument, the obstacle that stands before them is the high cost of music courses and the lack of free sources available, so we will address during this report a set of distinct channels and training sessions that will help you learn to play piano from beginner to professional for free.

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash
Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

HD Piano Academy

The HD piano academy began as a simple channel on YouTube in August 2008, to offer some simple video lessons that help followers to play piano. Over time, the channel was able to attract a vast network of interested and followers, and less than four years after the creation of the channel, specifically in 2012, the academy firstly launched its professional website.

Since that time, the academy has become the most trusted place to learn to play piano online, so the number of academic students has exceeded 60 million learners all over the world, and academic lectures were taught in school classes and among the corridors of universities. Now, the channel has achieved more than 111 million views, and the number of its followers exceeded the 1 million subscriptions roof. The followers eagerly await the new lessons that the channel publishes on Monday and Thursday every week.

The goal of the channel since its debut is to make learning to play piano easy and straightforward without complicating things by following a distinct style of the learning process. So the lessons focus on playing your favourite songs by analyzing each one and dividing it into three small and well-detailed parts so that you can play the song on your own at the end of the tutorial, after 3 or 4 attempts at max in less than 10 minutes.

The channel contains nearly 800 tutorials that address everything in the process of learning to play piano, starting with basic music concepts, basics and principles of playing, numbering and sequencing of fingers in the scale, reading the notes on the scale, and not ending with types of units of time White, round, black and aged, and time strokes, as well as many advanced topics.

The channel divides lessons into three training courses according to how difficult it is. The first is suitable for beginners and consists of approximately 55 lessons and has achieved more than 300 thousand views, while the second course is ideal for middle-level students, which includes 412 lessons and got more than 75 thousand views While the third course is suitable for those with advanced levels, it consists of 218 tutorials and achieved about 70 thousand views.

The academy provides a premium subscription that provides access to a huge digital library of advanced lessons that number up to 4 times the free lessons available on YouTube, as well as the ability to obtain private lessons with distinguished lecturers. The academy provides a free trial period that enables you to access the full educational library of the academy for a period of 30 days, after which you must subscribe to the premium version.

Hoffman Academy

The Hoffman Academy is designed with middle-income families who cannot afford expensive piano lessons and therefore offers complete music training programs for beginners, to teach you or teach your children to play piano step by step from beginner to professional Through the distinguished tutorials presented by pianist Joseph Hoffman in his way that blends learning with fun and is considered the most complete and distinguished in the teaching of music.

The Academy’s YouTube channel was established in January 2010, and now after ten years, the channel has attracted the attention of millions of learners around the world, achieving more than 20 million views, and its subscribers numbered about 160 thousand. The channel contains more than 500 tutorials in which Hoffman offers everything you need to know in order to become a pianist, explaining the concepts of music and fundamental musical skills most difficult for beginners such as hand form and music theory in a straightforward and fun way in a few minutes.

Each tutorial ranges between 5 and 15 minutes in duration to be able to maintain your full focus during the learning process. Lessons begin with teaching the basics, starting with getting to know the piano machine, how to set up the correct session, and the position of the hands, through playing the melodies and simple pieces with both hands, and not ending with many other advanced topics. After completing each lesson, Hoffman offers several practice tips that help you acquire new skills and review previously learned skills.

The channel contains three training courses classified according to the level: the first is known as the primer/preparatory level and consists of 4 educational units, the first unit includes 22 lessons. It has achieved more than 545 thousand views, where it uses fun stories to learn the basics of music theory, and the second unit includes about 32  lessons. It has achieved what Approximately 190 thousand views, while the third unit consists of 20 tutorials and has reached more than 69 thousand views. In contrast, the last unit includes about 20 lessons that have received approximately 43 thousand views.

The second course is known as the beginners level, and it consists of 4 educational units, the first unit includes 24 lessons and achieved more than 40 thousand views. The second unit includes about 20  lessons and has reached approximately 27 thousand views. In contrast, the third unit consists of 20 lessons they got more Of the 20 thousand views, while the last unit includes about 20 lessons, they achieved more than 19 thousand views.

And the third is the early intermediate level course which consists of 3 educational units, the first unit includes 21tutrorials and has achieved more than 18 thousand views. The second unit includes about 20 lessons and obtained more than 7 thousand views, while the third unit consists of 13 lessons They achieved more than 3 thousand views. The process of learning is not only limited to video lessons, but the academy provides the ability to learn deeply by downloading, printing and practising the musical notes well.

It provides many distinctive challenges divided into different categories. It enables you to learn all the skills you need to master the piano, such as staff reading, musical rhythm monitoring, music theory, and ear training. The academy provides a paid plan with a monthly subscription of about $18 and gives you access to many additional lessons.

Piano TV

Piano TV was created in March 2015 by a Canadian piano teacher and musician called Alicia. Possible with lots and lots of inspiring stories about the giants of pianists through the ages.

The channel contains about 500 distinctive videos that vary between tutorials and informational videos that explain the theory and history of music and provide a lot of important information and valuable advice on how to play piano. The tutorials are divided according to the level of the learners into four training courses: The first course consists of 40 training lessons, ranging between 3 and 15 minutes each. These lessons gained more than 10 thousand views.

The second session consists of 29 training lessons, the duration of each being between 8 and 15 minutes, while the third session contains 31 lessons, the length of which is between 8 and 20 minutes, while the last session includes nine lessons, each lasting between 7 and 16 minutes. Although the channel was established only three years ago, it managed to attract the attention of thousands of students and learners interested in music and piano learning around the world, and it achieved nearly 6 million views. The number of subscribers reached about 90 thousand subscribers.

Piano Video Lessons

The Piano Video Lessons channel was founded in December 2011 by a musician and lecturer named Lisa, a piano teacher for more than ten years. This is to provide rich educational content to teach thousands of students and learners around the world how to play piano without having to spend a lot of money on music learning courses. Now, the channel has more than 126,000 followers around the world and has received nearly 10 million views.

The channel contains nearly 500 educational video lessons that start with getting to know the piano, its history, principles and basics of playing it, and getting to know the musical scale and its location on the piano keys and the sequence of fingers in this ladder. Also, the channel provides learning time strokes, learning about the piano strings, notes and rhythm notes, ear training and playing different songs, and not ending with many other advanced topics.

The lessons are divided into six distinct educational units, the number of lessons per unit ranges between 16 and 20 lessons. For example, the first unit consists of 16 lessons, has achieved more than 20 thousand views, and focuses on the structural composition of the piano and how to use it in the correct position while identifying the strings, musical notes and many other simple topics. While the second unit consists of about 16 lessons and has achieved more From 5 thousand views. As for the third and fourth units, which consist of 16 lessons, focus on completing the building of the basics, touching on many classical music compositions and how to practice them to reach a right level. The channel also contains many instructional videos that provide some valuable advice on correct learning to play piano with many other topics.

Finally, the previous channels and websites are a great mix that enables you to learn to play piano step by step from start to advanced levels anywhere without paying a single penny or spending a lot of time and effort going to training sessions. You can make the most of the learning process by combining all the previous sources and starting with the elementary levels, and then progressing until you reach an advanced level.


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