Tom, a child of a low-income family with no abilities to raise him, was born in London. And at the same time in the same city, Edward, another child was born, a special one that the whole of England was eager for him. The drums rang, the music started, and the father came out cheering among the people who wrapped around him, this father is the King of England.

Thus, writer Mark Twain began his novel “The Prince and the Pauper”, which revolves around two children born in London and as time went by, fate leads them to a dangerous game in which they changed their roles so that the poor lived in the royal palace and the son of the king lived among the poor. This story puts us in front of two faces of the United Kingdom separated by endless walls, the royal face and the simple popular face. And if we had heard before about palaces and luxurious clothes, the alleys and back streets have more tales to tell, as it opens its doors to whole generations of kids who will one day become more famous than kings. The Beatles were these kids coming from the back streets to the royal palace.

The Beatles, 1 May 1965 Billboard
The Beatles, 1 May 1965 Billboard

Tough times

The Second World War is over, and England is trying again to revitalize, the soldiers have returned from death grounds. People have experienced the pain of war, the history of Britain is trying to turn the pages of the past. The boredom sweeps everyone, and the troubled youth are now looking for a new lifestyle, looking for their identity that has been scattered in the rubble of war, and trying to get rid of the class that is rampant in society between the royal family and the aristocrats and their people.

From their humble housing complexes, Paul McCartney and his friend, George Harrison, leave every morning to catch the bus to Liverpool. Paul and George chose to cross the roots of their working-class families to climb a higher social class. And because they were smart, they managed to overcome the hardships of their lives and joined In high school. Only a good education was their gateway to a new world in which they went beyond staying at the bottom of the social pyramid so that society could open their arms to them.

Paul and George and then “John Lennon” and “Ringo Starr” were not the drivers of the youth revolt in Britain, but the prevailing societal conditions prevented the youth and their families, and their aspirations increased at a better social level, perhaps the dream of the royal palaces contributed, but they certainly wanted to move away from the ranks of the lower people. They discovered that following their fathers’ lifestyle would throw their dreams away.

On the other hand, “rock and roll” was sweeping the 1950s in America, and handsome 20-year-old Elvis Presley danced on stage in front of the fans and launched a new rock style that turned him into an unprecedented phenomenon worldwide. This resulted in a new legend and a group of teenagers who are a new fuel that will later devour all modernist singing phenomena, attracted by loud music and charisma singer dancing on the stage, and searches for liberation and life in bars, thus rock and roll and a new type of singing befitting the young parties of the night in cabarets and bars.

Like America, young lyric models have appeared in Britain, Barry Miles in Netflix documentary film, “How the Beatles Changed the World,” says that Britain’s entertainment industry was just a faded reflection of the American one.  The appearance of singers replica of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and others, made the entertainment industry originality to loss Until four youths called their band “The Beatles” appeared, things turned completely on British theatres.

Four teenagers from Liverpool

The dance parties were spread among the youth, and in one of them, John Lennon met Paul and offered to join him to sing in “The Quarrymen”, a music band at the beginning of its formation. The youth got excited and joined them by Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best, and they started composing lyrics and melodies. On the stage, they carried the guitar and sang, This was in the early sixties, a new era whose features are formed slowly, spread all that is popular and dims all that is classic and traditional. The band underwent changes, and the drummer Ringo Starr came in the background of the team. Stewart and Pete left, and the Beatles settled, four handsome young men with a distinct hairstyle, emotional songs and dancing music, and little by little the youth moved from the small bars to the Liverpool theatres.

Photo by IJ Portwine on Unsplash
Photo by IJ Portwine on Unsplash

Irwin Edman describes music as a group of special nervous relationships that, in turn, affect the human body. Some melodies remind war, while others remind about feelings. On the other hand, our bodies are rhythmic and influenced by the surrounding rhythm, whether they are thoughts, lifestyle, or Music which made the rhythm of the Beatles perfectly identical to the beat of young people, especially girls. Conservative or classical society did not welcome these young people since it rejects everything that is modern and non-conservative, as if freedom of self-expression was indiscretion and insanity.

After being banned from publishing in the 1920s, Lady Chatterley’s Lover was published by British novelist David Herbert Lawrence, a novel whose events reveal an illegal love affair between a politician and a young model, the novel known by its narrative dominated by bold sexual descriptions. The Netflix documentary about the Beatles describes the spread of this novel in the 1960s as new lighting in the darkness of a very conservative British society that does not speak explicitly of sex and love. Parallel to this state of cultural openness, some newspapers described the Beatles as spreading a wave of sexual fright among girls. In contrast, others considered them a thrilling youth band that nurtured the love of admirers but were limited in talent and their melodies were lacklustre.

In any case, the Beatles did not care, they express themselves freely, and without handcuffs, they deal spontaneously and with no reservations with the press and television, they wear clothes that suit them and joke with the audience and girls at parties with absolute spontaneity, they do not wear fake masks but search for their identity as young men.

On a cold winter night, the four young men who sparked controversy over three years from the cheap pubs to the biggest lyric theatres stood to sing in front of the entire royal family. The feeling of victory and pride exalted the looks of the Beatles who came from the backyards to hear the applause of the queen that would later grant them In honour of joining the British Empire (MBE) to realize the kingdom that these young people are leading a new global youth culture carrying the pride of England around the world.

A few months later, Labor Party Chairman Harold Wilson took over as prime minister, as if the 1960s had come to reshape British society again and seek to destroy differences between classes, working-class boys selling millions of albums, and their political party reaching the top of the government.

Wandering spirits deviate from the road

Paul McCartney was involved in a close relationship with the radical movement of young intellectuals who unleash ideas, poetry and abstract art to express themselves in a parallel attempt to search for self. Drugs and LSD were new energy that fueled their technical inspiration. Since this date, the Beatles wore a new musical and intellectual costume that is different from the previous, more strange, and their road is no longer straight.

John Lennon was searching in a friend’s bookstore for Nietzsche, but he could not find it, but he found another book called “The Psychodelic Experience”, its cover came with a subtitle in bold: “Close your mind, relax, drift with the stream”.  Lennon took the book home with him, popped up “LSD” and wrote the song “Tomorrow Never Knows,” with an intro of unusual music as if it were dizzy inside Lennon’s mind, and ultimately does not reach anything. It expresses a new path taken by Beatles music, carving aside the emotional songs and the popular trend of rock and roll to give new space for experimentation, brainstorming, and perhaps questions about life.

The four teenagers turned into young men looking for ideas and beliefs to express themselves, and their statements to the press reveal their rebellious ideas on religion, society and politics, matters that were not raised in the British newspapers with celebrities.  John Lennon said: “We are now more famous than Jesus Christ.” Many revolted and declared their boycott of those youths who seemed floundered and lost. But on the other hand, from the Beatles ‘point of view, the matter is correct, after the felt decline of religious values in conservative British and American society. The Beatles’ songs have become more influential than Bible prayers; they became idols for young people, so why resort to old myths in light of the presence of new live ones in front of them!

““Christianity will diminish over time until it completely fades. I don’t need to argue with that. I am right and I will be right. We are now more popular than Jesus. I don’t know who will go first; rock and roll or Christianity. Jesus was fine, but his followers were many and unfair. ” john lenon

In 1966, the smell of napalm was invading the world, and blood was still bleeding on innocent bodies that did not heal their wounds until now. Young people swept through the streets of America and Europe, declaring their rejection of the treacherous death in a despicable war that would uproot humanity. The press rushed to ask The Beatles for their opinions on the war, and with clear objection and caution, they declared their dissatisfaction with it. Famous artists rarely express their political views clearly, but the Beatles chose from the start to walk in the most controversial places.

The mysticism of The modern era

The Beatles released a new singing album titled “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and was considered a pop art symbol. In it, the team surpassed the modernist template to a well-deserved postmodern one, starting with the cover of the album passing through songs that contain many hidden messages, and some likened it to an epic piece of art no less splendid than James Joyce’s novel.

In the meantime, George Harrison got acquainted with the Indian “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi” the founder of the Transcendental Meditation movement and the movement of spiritual regeneration. He offered the Beatles members to get acquainted with him, and indeed they travelled to India to take a spiritual journey to learn from Maharishi the art of meditation, then later became the spiritual advisor of the band.

“Love” became the new word that the Beatles repeated in their songs, not only emotional love, but love between people to exclude hatred and the war that blue-coloured the world. They sing “All You Need Is Love” as a new message that they spread to the world over the air, The Beatles are still discovering their identity. Every step that leads them to a new station, unlike its predecessor and prospects for the expansion of the universe is a quiet shelter for them.

Spats began to infiltrate the Beatles at work meetings, and fans outside heard rumours of their favourite bands division, and soon the division occurred, each of them continued in a way, Lennon released a solo album, as well as Harrison. The memory of the old songs is what remains of the band that accompanied an entire generation, touching their way of life, searching, testing and experimenting.

In the end, the teenagers grew up and became men, they are part of a great story formed from a small dream to a legend, and the backyards still open their doors to entire generations that come out of them to find their way.

Photo by Mike from Pexels
Photo by Mike from Pexels

John Lennon was killed by one of his fans, and Harrison died after being overwhelmed by cancer, Ringo Starr is still alive with some glance appearances. Paul McCartney, the handsome man, still smiles at The Beatles history, until now the press pursues him to bring back the tales of the old testament to the Band, he does not tire of telling, laughing, singing, and time brings him back in front of the queen after the two have grown old. The spirit of youth still possesses this man who once dreamed of the royal palaces and entered it from the widest doors.

The Beatles turned into a youth phenomenon that tells us a lot about a past that we did not live in. Our ancestors and our fathers lived in it and were influenced by it on the difference of culture and geographical dimension. Music remains the constant memory that tells us a lot about the secret tales of love, war, rebellion, and revolution.
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